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Old ladies evicted on RDP houses

People have lost humanity in this world, they are not conscience and they feel no pain in what ever bad they do. Kwa Thema is a small township in Ekurhuleni (east of Joburg), it’s surounded by mine shaft as well as companies who are just polluting. Kwa Thema have a population of about 50 000 people and high number of unemployed people which means most of the community depends on Government Grants and housing.

Recently in Kwa Thema ext 5 there was an allocation of RDP houses and one of those in the list was Gogo Josephine Moshibe’s, who is 72 years of age, her dream came true when her name was mentioned after waiting for years for the house, but the dream was short lived, after the she was given the houses the Government officials came back and told her it was a wrong allocation and she must move out with immediate effect. She tried to resit and produced the papers but it fell on the deaf ears, unfortunately she evicted without allowing her to take her belongings like her ID, what was worse is that Gogo is diabetic and was not allowed to go back and take her medication for two days. She stayed without her medication until the community intervened and opened the house for her to take the medicine. Gogo and three grand children had to go back to a garage where they used to live before.

The community leaders made a follow up on this issue by going to department of housing to try and find what happened. They where told the matter is under investigation  but to community surprise the house was given to a unknown somebody who cannot even speak one native South African language. There is no doubt in our communities that corruption is the ruling party in our communities.

Comrade Mushe and Sandile who now involved in monitoring are busy with the case and other old ladies who evicted. We believe more information will lead to a better solution for the old ladies.

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