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Tudor Shaft Informal Settlement

By Meshack Mbangula

Ekurhuleni Environmental Organisation

Tudor Shaft Informal settlement is in Krugersdorp, west of Johannesburg and is highly affected by gold mine shaft and tailings dam which are still contains uranium and uranium is radioactive. The community of Tudor Shaft are badly affected by this mine’s legacy. On the 12.11.2012 we went for a toxic tour with people from China, Germany, Australia and other African countries like Nairobi, Zimbabwe and Kenya.

The community of Tudor Shaft built their shacks on the Tailings soil, planted their vegetables and kids play there. The tailings dam has uranium and uranium is radioactive which is affecting them everyday. Secondly, the area does not have a school for kids. The area does not have running water and toilets they use the water which is polluted by acid mine drainage (AMD) and other heavy metals. Most of the community people are not working, the crime rate is due to unemployment and most of the people are too young to receive grants from government.

It is difficult to say what those communities are going to do to solve their problem as they are not sure in which municipality they must report to. I thought it would be appropriate to raise this matter on to our website to expose this matter, that most have decided to ignore. It is very disappointing to see that government has done nothing to assist the people of this area.