The Ndebele nation still follows their culture of ukuluka (circumcision).  Ndebele’s are from a place called Kwandebele in Mpumalanga but now they are all over South Africa because of employment especially in Gauteng.


Ndebele nation have practised the custom / tradition of circumcision for years, whereby every year in winter whereby boys go to the mountain for three months and when you come back home your family has to buy you a cow, new bed and new clothes as well. After you have gone through initiation school you are recognised as a man who is responsible, and can work and have a family of your own.


My cousin is not working and in the family nobody is working as well and the time for him to go to the mountain has passed and he cannot participate in the cultural meetings because he is taken as a boy, secondly the younger boys who have already been to the mountain are laughing at him. He wants to have a wife and start a family but according to our culture he still a boy. My cousin is frustrated because he cannot get work at the same time he cannot do his culture that he likes so much. He cannot associate with his own people because of his status.

Our people cannot live the life they want because of the culture, I believe in cultures because they bring in respect but our people have to loosen up and adjust to the life style and understand the economy of today. I feel bad for my cousin and others who are facing the very same problem. I think our people should be capacitated and be able to change. Knowledge is power.

Unemployment is destroying families, culture and the nation. What is wrong with this Government?


Ekurhuleni Environmental ORG