Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Metsimaholo municipality is potential giant tragically handicapped by corruption

Young people and the community in the Metsimaholo municipality in Free State joined force to take up corruption in the municipality on the 10th of April 2013. Through my conversation with one of the organisers days before the event Kopano ‘player’ Mokoena former monitor from monitoring school in the Vaal triangle said “, it is only through efforts of people of Metsimaholo can be liberated” it is within that context they decided to go on march. The masses gathered at the art and culture centre at around 10.30-11.00 to march from the place to pass at Zamdela police station to handover memorandum and open a case of fraud and corruption against the municipality and every one who is involved. From there they marched to the Metsimaholo municipal offices to also to handover memorandum of demands. Since September 2011 the security company was appointed to provide security to both executive mayors house and municipal properties has been operating with Psira that appears fraudulent up until this date, when Bosele security company started working they where using reg No1432940. They only registered with private security industry regulatory authority on 17-04-12, they were issued with reg No2135068 as their Psira number on 15-05-12 but they continued to do business with the municipality with the first reg No which its status is being rejected. When the municipality got in business with the above mentioned company the proper procedure where not followed as the security service was not on tender even if it was an emergency as the municipality say, the community believe that it cant be an emergency for a period of two years and they demand that proper process must be followed using supply chain management staff to acquire a service, not those who are not part of that department. More than a million have been spent to guard mayors’ house without council resolution and there are some officials who signed the document that authorise the payment being aware that supply chain management process have not being followed the for the community demand their resignation and call on council to review this decision and redirect those funds to install electricity in Amelia one of the section that has no electricity for a period of time. “Credit cards are misused by our executive mayor, former speaker and the current speaker to buy liquor and the former municipal manager to fund his luxury, we there for demanding immediate investigation and arrest to those who are found to be on the wrong side of the law.” Said by ANC youth league chair person ward 21.it is estimated that the executive mayor owns the municipality about seven hundred thousands as it appears on the memorandum, the community say if the alleged statement is true they demand his resignation within seven days and the money to be recovered.