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Sewage water pumped via Moster Canal to Sand River

We have recently uncovered that much as we celebrated the pumped up of water from Klippan Sewage Reticulation works that our challenges are far from over, our Ground Investigative Monitors have discovery a biggest shock that the untreated water is discharge to Moster Canal which carries the affluent discharge from mining operation water to Sand River in Virginia.

We are concerned with the canal as we suspect and had uncovered evidence that it could carry poisonous discharge from mining tailing dams near Bronville Township to Sand River, we then followed the canal for a kilometres and further discovered a discharging pipe clearly from Babanane Gold Mining Plant that’s is directly discharging water into the some Canal.

At the time we did not have our water testing equipment to check on the liking pipes the acidity level if any being externalised by the company to the environment. We left this place once again shuttered but ready and armed with information which we will use to engage the municipality of this finding to put stop or reduction to intertwined hazardous activities being perpetuated by Mining Corporation and Municipality.
On another image (due to space in sufficient space kindly visit http://goldanduraniumbelt.blogspot.com/ to view other photos) you will see a first account of what we mean by a tailing dam discharging water directly into this canal, this is water that contains heavy metal amongst other pollutants. Distance between the two discharging points is about three hundred metres, yet again about 300 metres from these two points we stabled across a pipe mouth pointing into the same canal with 24 hours linkage of water which we suspect could be untreated from Babanane Plant.

This reminded us of Allenridge dams near the community where we discovered the similar incident taking place between our Municipality and Harmony Gold Mine. We will continue to monitor the situation as we escalate our advocacy strategies in 2013, keep following this blog for more updates.

Reported by Water Surveillance Team and Ground Investigative Monitors of GUBICO.


GUBICO is a community based organisation in Free State Province receiving sharing and learning training via Monitoring School from the Bench Marks Foundation Monitoring Project.