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Middleburg- the cleanest town by Duma Kutumane.

One may wonder how come they say Middleburg is the cleanest Town. Yes it is clean, cause one can tell by looking at location.  In the location w have sections where by our municipality collect refuges twice a week per section. we have community parks that are taken care after every event that takes place there. Our grass are being cut every time when they are grown. Not only our Municipality is responsible for cleaning the town, community have put efforts and initiatives to making sure that we have the clean town. Our community have cleaning campaign.

If our municipality don’t think for our community our and deliver to the community for they pay for services rendered I think they would have not win the Masakhane National Awards in 1996 and never being nominated for the best clean town.

In short this is example of a good relationship between the municipality and the community this show working together do get us something

Article Written by Duma Kutumane.