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Forcefull Removal of People in Kingsway by Meshack Mbangula

New south Africa, Rainbow nation and Government of the people by the people and for the, that’s what people hope for. Kingsway is situated in Ekurhuleni east of Johannesburg. Population of about 21000 thousand people, Kingsway is divided into two, those who live in RDP houses and those stay in shacks waiting for RDP houses to build for them since 2002.

In June 2013 community of Kingsway were informed by Councillor and officials that houses are to build in the area that they are occupying and they needs to be moved because they don’t qualify for the houses, they were shocked but did not believe it they continue staying there until first week of July when the removers from the government came and forcefully removed them without given time to pack their belongings and they were taken to a place without human basic needs like running water, electricity and so on. Old people, Disabled and people with small kids were removed as well. When I tried to take pictures of the red ants I was chased away and wanted to take the camera.

We decided to go the Municipality office in Daveyton to get more information about the problem. We met Francis Low, she is a administrator and we explain our story fortunately she knows more about Kingsway and she was shocked of what happen, she showed us the list and indicated that the list is for the people who live the in shacks  not people in daveyton, she us the leaders of Kingsway to bring the list of people on waiting list to compare with the one she have so that when she call a meeting with the provincial officials who are responsible for the housing they can see the problem. The meeting will be called soon and she said she will call the leaders and give them date.

Corruption in Government is on the rise, that means the poor wont have houses any more only those who can bribe can get what they want. We hope and believe this matter will be dealt with properly since most of people affected are poor’

Not yet Uhuru

Meshack Mbangula