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The protest against the ward councilor of zone6-7 in Sebokeng for service delivery by Hloni

It was on Tuesday may 21st 2013 around 10:45 am in the morning when all the residents of zone 6 and 7 Sebokeng began to protest against their ward councilor and his community demanding service delivery for their area.

They claim that they have been in negotiations with the councilor and his committee telling them what they need as community and also asking them to build a new tire road in all streets but they failed to do so. So the residents decided that they will take the issue upon their shoulders as they decided pretested pretest putting their demands for their area in front.So they expressed their anger by closing all the streets with stones and burning tires and they also closed a public main road which is being used by taxis and buses.

They marched to the councilors house and office singing and toi-toying against those who are part of the authority while still on their way to the councilor house the police came in trying to stop them but they refused to stop and they continued protesting then the police began to shoot at them with teargas trying to despairs them later they managed to do so.

Then the people went back in their area where they started the protest and they were very angry for not accomplishing what they wanted, because they were disturbed by the police by their way they took out their anger by eluding the Pakistan shops in doing so they wanted to send the message to the ward councilor of that area and also trying to get the ward councilors attention and Sedibeng municipality to respond to their demands.

Photo0033They wanted to send the message to government saying that they are failing them as the citizens of south Africa by not fulfilling their mandate which is batho pele principle. When they attacked one of the Pakistan shop in zone 7 unfortunately there was a young boy in the crowd of people who was trying to attack and elude the shop. He climbed on top of the roof of the shop and the Pakistan who were inside they started to open fire and they boy was killed, these scenario made the whole residents of zone 6 and 7 more angry. Then all the residents started to attack and destroy all the Pakistan shops and the whole thing spread to all other zones in Sebokeng until it went to Evaton as a whole till it reached to orange farm.by Hloni