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Woman abuse by Abigail Mafete

When will this hideous and cruel woman abuse end ? its been years this thing happening , its living with us in our homes and no one can stop it. Yes it is still alive even today, how can we prevent it from happening any more, how can we stop it?
My mom was the victim of abuse, she lived in an abusive relationship for years with my stepfather and she never talked about it because she was in love with that man and she was scared that she might loose him when she tell people about it. My step dad died because of heartlessness and stingy and my mom buried him, after a while my mom got sick and went to the doctor and got tested for HIV the results were positive.
Now is my sister in the very same old situation, she has 2 daughters and she was pregnant with the third child and her boyfriend was abusive too, he used to beat her up sometimes he would kick her out of the house and some other times he would tie her on a chair and beat her with a shambok, after he wounded her he would clean her scares and make some food for her, he would do that for a week, bathing and giving her food, as if nothing had happened and also to make people not see what happened. He would apologies saying that he dint mean to hurt her. When my sister was pregnant she had miscarriage, it was a very painful thing not to her only but to my family as well, she called him to tell him about what happened and he just said what he can do about it. It shows that he didn’t care about my sister; she will always say she loves him.
What is love that makes people blind? You have been bittern and you still love him, you caught him cheating you still care for him, you been told that you’re useless and still cherish him, you’re been abused but you still tender him. its time to stand up and fight woman abuse.
Abigail Mafate