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Youth Challenges today, struggles faced by youth.

Interview with Siphiwe Busiswa Moloi aka Fudgi

From Camera Shy Production

Topic: Youth Challenges today, struggles faced by youth lead initiatives.

First Question:

  1. What are the challenges faced by the youth today, particularly with youth initiatives?

Today’s youth is leaving in open times whereby everything is almost exposed at them, and yet the youths themselves are reluctant and not effective enough to sustain their initiatives.  The youth need to be groomed on how to be self sustainable instead of relying over government grants and subsidies.  We need more youth lead organizations that are readily benefiting other youth and the entire communities.

Fund raising strategies would need to be practiced as to fund raise these initiatives and by so doing self fundraising strategies would need to be placed at hand and do away with the culture of begging in a way that would open up to realizing  the youths dreams.

  1. Are there enough initiatives that are youth lead and actually addressing youth needs?

In the community that I come from there aren’t enough youth lead initiatives that would be regarded as effective enough on the visible. e.g.  out of maybe a 100 youth lead ideas one would probably find that only 7 ideas are on the actual practical level of making it happen.

  1. Are there any challenges faced by these youth lead initiatives?

Parts of the challenges faced by the youth lead initiatives would be the actual support in having to see these initiatives getting off grounds, like sought of getting access to start up capital so as to sustain these youth lead initiatives or programmes.

  1. What are possible solutions?

We need to generate more ideas that would help mobilize more youth and to actually bring effective and immediate change.   Young people needs to come out of their comfort zone and be as effective so as to bring more ideas  to be effective enough to eve capture and disturb on the local council’s attention or either the intended funder’s.  In this way more could be achieved as a unionism or group lead initiatives.

We need to have more of these ideas and as a result not to have any single young person seating at home doing nothing.  Also mentoring of these young leaders should be much considered at a priority.  Our organizations as youths needs to be united in having to pull together as one, in a sense should youth lead organizations be establishing forum networks and to actually combine to one constitution that would represent one identity.  By doing this sought of approach the youth will achieve more positive results and would be empowered.