Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Un-maintained Sewer system in Marikana (extract from Rustenburg Review 2011)

The blocked sewer lines and overflows out off the sewer lids pushing the wastes into the streams surrounding the areas. The streams around the community have been verified as being contaminated with Bilharzias by Lonmin Mine in 2009.The water in the streams are used by some community members to bath, washing clothes and swimming by little kids. The Bilharzia s threat and the sewer waste increases the health risks which includes those of water borne diseases.

In October 2010 an eight year old young boy had contact with the water from the stream near on his mother’ house in the RDP settlement and shortly after the incident the boy’s skin started peeling and since then he continues to have an itching penis.

“Living Out Allowance” and blocked sewers
sewer 2

One other big reasons for blocked sewers in Marikana is that there are more people living in yards then was planned for. This increase in the number of people is due to the mines. The mines and mining contractors do not provide houses for their workers. They give them a living out allowance. Since there is no rental accommodation in Marikana people rent little rooms in the backyards of existing houses.