Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Lack of housing

Most people in South Africa still need houses, because of lack of employment some other people are working but they still cannot afford to buy themselves houses. Our government is trying its best to fulfill its promises however there are corrupt individuals within our government making this process hard in this country. That why services like this is not distributed well or according to plan.

South Africans are losing hope and respect. People stays in informal settlement and hoping that they will get houses or their settlements will be improved; there is no water which is the first main source that is needed to the community. Most people who stay in informal settlement are people who were robbed their houses without knowing that.

Free basic service delivery is something else in this country; if poor people must pay for services that must be given to them I’m saying this because in this country you have money to get what you want. Miss Mokoena stays in Boiketlong an informal settlement in Sebokeng and she has been staying there for 7 years after been removed from a house she bought from a person who is working in the department of housing in the region. Miss Mokoena bought an RDP house in Thsepiso in 2004 but later in 2006 she was removed by the real owner of the house. That is the day that I won’t forget in my life said by Miss Mokoena with a said face. if you are a person you will ask yourself that how many people or even house that are given to not the rightful owners of them house and how many people that are still waiting for house only to find out that it has been sold to other people being. She bought the house because she believed that it was something that she can do for her family, in tears she said that she no longer have hope that she will get a house after what happened to her.

Department must fix this issue and look into this corrupt individuals and also the community must stop buying houses without valid proof this country could be beautiful and most countries will like to have a country like us