Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Mine’s Non-existing housing policy a problem of the Community.

The mines around Chaneng, Mafenya, Rasimone and Robega; generally do not consider the impact their ‘sleep-out allowance’ have in the social and health ills including loss of culture due to mining operations it creates in the community.
Currently the mines around have poor worker accommodation facilities which are not comfortable for the mine employees to reside in. As a result the local communities are experiencing an increase in foreign/ labour migrants which has also led to a Squatter camp.
The community of Robega, very close to the squatter camp experiences high crime levels more than other communities and this has also led to lawlessness such as mob-justice, child prostitution, teenage pregnancy, mugging and “under cover” sex workers in back room dwelling – spreading to Chaneng and Mafenya

(extract from Rustenburg Review 2011)