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Mining Pollution in Marikana. (extract from Rustenburg Review 2011)

Pollution from Smelters.
Residents from Wonderkop complain about pollution from the smelters. They complained to the mines but the mines insistent that their smelters do not cause any pollution.

Water Pollution
Streams around mines are contaminated by tailings dams which are lying everywhere. Mines claim to maintain these tailings dams but this so called maintenance takes place on top only by means of dust suppression if any. Many of these methods use watering of which the same water seeps into the ground and end up contaminating the ground water.
Sewer flows into the rives as a result of poor maintenance. This poses a serious health risk. Suspected cases of water borne diseases have been reported mainly involving children as young as 8 years who happen to swim or live around
Noise pollution
The residents from RDP and neighboring informal settlements complain about the noise from Karee 4 shaft that goes around the clock.

air pollution

Air (dust) pollution
According to Lonmin Environmental department they have dust suppression systems on their tailing dams and they as well monitor dust. In 2009 we saw a cloud of dust coming from the direction of the new karee 4 shaft. John Molubi called the mine on their arrival they all went to where the dust was coming from (karee 4 shaft). The tailing dams did not have the dust suppression system, we proceeded to the dust bucket in the township (RDP). The bucket was full of water despite the fact that Lonmin claims to monitor the air pollution.