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Sasol burning by Kido Mafisa

It was on early march 1980 when 20 men came to stay at Sasolburg at the hostels called Kwazola. They pretended that as if they are looking for work at Sasol firm, knowing that they were on a mission. They were sent by the political party known as ANC to burn Sasol, they were targeting one side not the whole firm.
The mission became successful on the 20may 1980, which was when Sasol burn through it was no dangerous. By that time Sasol consisted of three locations called Proterm, Zamdela and Tswape. the fire started late around 6pm to 3am, some people dint even get time to dress and some left their kids behind because they where still at work when this happened people left their homes and ran away to different directions, some ended up in places like Parys, Koppies and Belina because those who stayed in Proterm felt the heat of the flames because they where situated close to the firm even now Proterm is still a walking distance from Sasol firm.
My father took us to Parys for safety and the problem is that he left his money in the house and my mother tried to borrow some money for petrol to bring us back home
Kido mafisa