Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Sebokeng zone 11 park by Kedibone Ditheko.

Sebokeng zone 11 parks were built in 2012 and the community were very happy because every one can visit there and have fun. Few months later the park was not looking good as it was before because there is no maintenance and no longer safe for children to play. There are liking pipes and the water does no longer get dry that’s unhealthy environment for us as community.


One of the community member who was employed in that project was not happy at all, he said he not proud about the park because the place is not good as it was supposed to be. He added by saying the community should learn to take care of their environment and teach our children to respect and play well not to mess around when they are in the park because they broke water taps.


The Sebokeng zone11 was supposed to be environment heritage entertainment not a community threat. Our government should also do a proper work not just because people need jobs; it is not all about money it is about loyalty and satisfaction for everyone.