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The history of Jouberton by Elby Nkululeko De

Jouberton is a black township of Klerksdorp in Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District municipality, part of the the North West Province.

The first black settlement of Klerksdorp was situated in the South of the Town, this area was called MAKWETENG, it was established in 1907 and currently known as Neserhoff and ellaton. In 1924 plans were already in place to move the dwellers to another location, however financial constraints put a hold on the plan and implementation thereof. In 1935-36 yet another plans were made again to move the township to the west side of the town, were abandoned.

In 1949, the first 32 houses in a new area were built at the western side of the Klerksdorp town and more and more continued to be built in 1952, the new settlement came to be known as Jouberton, named after Jan Joubert and his wife Tina Joubert; however, the name was earmarked to be Joubertina to reflect the two, but the name could not be acceded as it was already been used elsewhere. After Jouberton was established, the residents of the town could participate in their own affairs through an advisory committee council which consisted of eight (8) elected members and the election was held in 19 August 1978 and the following community members were elected under the mutual understanding of van guarding the apartheid laws and uphold the apartheid policies in  the municipality or in the black community. The elected members were; Mrs. Phele, Mr. ID. Tau, Mr. RL. Segatle, Mr. BM. Thoabalo, Mr. MS. Sehularo, Mr. SJ. Molefe, and Mr. FW. Gobile.  Mr. Phele was the first chairman, after the elections, advisory committee promised to working towards the eradication of the bucket system and introducing the sanitation and extending the township to accommodate the growing population.

In September 1983 a town council was formed in terms of a proclamation and in November the first elections were held. The following persons were elected as members of the town council, Mrs. SS. Pakade, Mr. MH. Moloi, Mr. SM.Phele, JR. Mooa, AM, Aplane, MP,M otsape, SJ, Molefe, and NG, Naphakade, and  Rev. JR.Moloi was elected the first may of Jouberton. On the 1st of July 1985 Mr, AN. Shongwe was appointed the first town clerk. From the 1st of July 1986, Mr. FM.Phele was placed as a mayor until 1990.

Since 1994 to date, the Jouberton township has experience a significant and tremendous development in terms of its growth and size, it now stand at the total of twenty four extensions