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Western Platinum refinery in Kwa-thema(mzumbe) by Neo Mbangula.

Platinum refinery refine platinum using lot of dangerous chemicals to the refine. Not far from the plant is a section called Mzumbe and is In Kwa-thema east of Joburg in South- Africa area of Ekurhuleni.

Platinum refinery was long build even before some of the section in Kwa-Thema were build like Mzumbe, it is build in 1999 near the plant and they started building it platinum refinery objected very strongly to the building of houses near its plant since they were using dangerous chemicals but unfortunately it fell on deaf ears and the Contractor when approach he indicated that he has nothing to do with chemicals he building houses.because people are desperate for the houses it was very difficult to stop them from occupying the houses, now many people are having chest problem now and most of the people are not working they cannot afford good medicine and the company says its not responsible as they have tried to stop the municipality from building the houses.In April the two tanks blasted in the plant and lot of smoke covered the Mzumbe area and we don’t know how much is the damage the health of the people.

We tried to approach the platinum bosses but we warned that nobody is allowed near area until its known the cause of the blast and the government is not available to comment or have meeting with them.
Neo mbangula