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Why is it called Dirstiest town in the world in World by Lydia Ngwenya.

Witbank is part of the Highveld priority area which was declared in 2007 by the Minister of Environmental Affairs. It is a small town surrounded by Mines, Chemical Industries, Steel Companies and Power Stations.

Most of the Mines are close to the one another and close to the residents even with the industries is the something because of the dust and chemicals that is why the air is polluted.

some of the companies they say they comply with the Air Quality but what I have notice other are polluting m ore at night so that the community can not see what is happening.Eighty percent of community they are suffering with asthma, and sinus through air pollution.  Many people are coughing, wheezing and the children are significantly at higher risk as many of them have respiratory
According to scientist and researches there are levels of  chromium and barium were so high that a European Union research team’s instruments had been unable to take accurate measurements, Beeld reported. It was reported that heavy metals in the are the highest in the world. Communities have been raising their concern about the impact Air Pollution and what did government do; nothing but are getting licenses each day to pollute our area without being properly monitored and be forced to comply with the legislation s we have.


Story by Lydia Ngwenya.