Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Poem by Sboniso Dlamini from (Mpumalanga Youth Against Climate Change)

Cry beloved workers who were paid bullets as hard earned pi nuts by commissioned pigs with guns but no guts . . .I laughed as the night mare was televised. But Slowly unlike Rwanda genocides..am right this news night pictures..are not anew…in black man history are pinned tight by newspaper titles whispering the massacre was a live showbiz..replayed by capitalist.. In coordination with trade unionist
Synchronize to handcuffed poor workers rights towards hindering the tales.they thought views were dead with their lies of media interviews ..who unveiled new targets to be killed by pigs..in quenching the tales but we uncovered the spells watching a blue crane singing no more marikana no more marikana..no more paid pigs with guns but.. No guts.. Shooting.. Poor workers with bullets.. As pin nuts.. For.. Hard earned labor no more politically supported lies..altered by offend-ant lawyers and prosecutors in relay of that day where ladies were robbed of their spouses …no more..falsely statements of bravely victims inscribed by bias described. commissioners..and independent investigators….no more…expired medical prescription..prescribed.. By. .bribed forensic surgeons and private doctors say we are watching pigs brutality ravaging the parents of sons and daughters!…this vandals ,vultures have vandalized our cultures..enemies of indigenous…driven by legacy of immorality..to steal our humanity.. privatize our dignity…and gamble our integrity to suit their illegitimacy!…let them be told that we watching beyond their point.of their confused climax…let them be told we are vigilant of their vicious refrigerated and cooked lies…let them be told of heroes who were burried by bastads..unwritten by scribes..unstrolled to scriptures..unpreached by modern pastors.. let them untie us to sneeze the truth that zeal to seize the blood of their atrocities .. .let them read our tales of their bloody footstep that dragged a black man caucus after a planned office caucus!…certainly our tales have uncovered.. the spell of lost pages..let the blue crane sing…we are watching..we are watching..no..more..marikana..no..more marikana…no.more..paid pigs with guns but no guts shooting.. Poor workers with bullets..as peanuts for hard earned labor..for had earned labor!
Cry beloved workers.. bite the evil hand that feeds your pocket
Bleak the mine dust in your eyes socket
Work for the betterment of the world not for a shiny caskets …