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Born free dialogue, 20 Years of Freedom by GUBICO Kutlwanong

Our first freedom day celebration without our beloved tata Nelson Mandela

Gubico Kutlwanong tower, saps and lovelife gathered together on freedom day

Celebration was held at Lovelife Kutloanogng youth center on the 26th of April 2014 young people gathered together to celebrate this freedom that our forefathers and grandparents fought for us to be this free with lots of opportunities and rights.tata said long walk to freedom but the youth of today says long walk to employment, job opportunities and crime free environmenet.

On this day young people  of Kutloanong celebrated this day differently instead of making massive event at the stadium with lots of music, booze and entertainment they set in groups at the youth center and discuss issues affecting their community and the achievements in their community  after this 20 years of freedom. They talked more about crime that is happening in section9 known as k9 which is the highest in Kutloanong with crime, this helped alot because saps was represented by inspector Kgopane the one who deals with social crime and constable November who is the area cop of k9 both made it easier for young once to understand the processes of reporting a crime and the dangers of not reporting or dropping a case.

Inspector Kgopane talked about domestic voilence and gangstarism in Kutloanong,he explained it and showed them the dangers of joining unimportant things,the ex-convict was around in the session. He told us his story when he was a gangstar in Kutloanong,he was one of the feared gangstar in the early 90s he was arrested in 1992 and stayed in prison for 15 years he talked about life in prison before this freedom where inmates have education while in prison, where they can have good food and beds in their times prison  was a burning hell.

Even though they do have those but still prison is not a right place to be, he said. The other inmates will make your life a miserable in there because you will be their sisy, slave and their darty work will be done by you.

Then later during the day lerato mphale the coordinator for women parity from gubico also gave presentation about the gender voilance in the community, her talk was about the differnt kinds of abuses on women and how it affects the community.

After 20 years of democracy more young girls and women are afraid to walk alone on the street, they are afraid to be left with their fathers, brothers and uncles beacause our country has turned into an animal cruel land to stay in. My father is no more a safety pillar for me but a monster and a killer. They call it freedom but i call it fearful land, they call it loverable country i call it haterland because lost of man have anger to wards women. They are killing our pride as a woman the power that is  build within the woman is killed by a single moment a man started hiting, raping and killing and innocent soul of the little girl.

Man can hurt you sexually, emotional, financially and physically. There way this abuses happen in our country it makes it difficult for women to celebrate the freedom that our grandmothers fought for in 1956 when they showed the world that  women’s voice must be heard and women must be taken into consideration and be given some high positions as the same as men in the work place and in the house living.this freedom was meant to empower young women of today to study and be independent  to not depend on men for survival not to take their lives away and shut their  happiness. Every second in the country a young girl,woman or  grand mother is being physically abused or raped in south africa yet we are still celebrating the freedom day at the stadiums and rejoicing where is other women are being in pain.

Those were the worids by said Lerato

She was very emotional when she talked to young people at her section because others are experiencing what she talked about and they are not speaking. To make it easier for others to express she told them about her story her being a victim of rape also.that is why i am so in love of helping other victims to tell their stories in order to help others and to encourage men not to do any harm to a woman that is not man enough it is not ayoba. 
Freedom is for all of us and it is here for all of us man, woman, boys, girls granny’s and granpa’s, we are the rainbow country.so Lovelife and Gubico tightened belts in fighting the gender violence in Kutloanong where by they will be doing

Some stories of all victimized women and grannies to an audio method so that those can tell their different experiences from reporting the case to the end of it, all legal procedures will be followed so that they will feel safe and can trust this people. The saps will help with stats , so every one who knows or is a victim was advised t come forth and help the project.this will be done by refiloe ramoolla in partnership with lerato mphale,inspector kgopane and mr mathafeni the lovelife youth centre manager.

The event went verywell and young people were entertaint outside.

Let’s make this 20 years ours full of changes and empowering more young people in our country to secure the future of it. 20 years of our tata’s legacy. Long live tata long live