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Clean Up by Alonel Mahlangu

Since arriving to South Africa from England UK there was one thing that struck me pungently the all to dirty dump sites in the midst of our streets, parking and side of our schools. I thought perhaps there are no dustbins trucks that collect rubbish, but on the contrary  the council of extension 2 Hlalanikahle dispatch the dustbin service every Thursday. So why is my local area filled with illegal dumping sites.

It must be the fact that we eventually get used to our environment till we are unconscious of obvious issues we need to deal with its not about blaming our Councillors or community members, it is important we identify the problem and find a suitable solution. The first thing perhaps we need to do is bring awareness to the community, enough voices should be heard should what really the filings of the people are. In churches, schools and centers the issue of our illegal dumping sites should be brought before the mind’s eye leaflets posters and adverts will play a vital role in raising a new consciousness to the local environment. When the community is made aware the necessary services can be carefully planned. The dustbins service may have to increase from collecting up may be instituted where community members systematically clean up their specific locality. C.W.P (community works programme) can be a model of this idea. Then the long term goals may be set for instance, I have noticed a great lack of recreational parks in Hlalanikahle I can remember only seeing just one. There are not known botanical gardens, ponds or public water parks, am not sure of any place to swim or gym in Hlalanikahle. This is worrying, it means the vast majority of inhabitants of Hlalanikahle do not take a morning or evening walk in the parks, have no place to take the dogs for walk to and children have nowhere but streets to play in. The very places where rubbish fills the land can be turned into play parks, gardens, fields and ponds. My intention is to start with my area, in my vicinity with my neighbors. If we can clean up the illegal dumping sites, work on them and turn them to recreational sites. Then surely the rest of Hlalanikahle can be assured that it is possible to change this smelly circumstance.

By Alonel Mahlangu