Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Ikemeleng community lives in the dark due to poor service delivery by Buti Botopela (Ikemeleng)

The community of Ikemeleng has lived in the dark and empty promises for years, with no service delivery on basic human needs such as electricity. The installation project started last year towards the end of the year and by far they have installed the main power lines across the community and still haven’t completed to date. There is no budget and this is according to the Rustenburg Local Municipality.

Ikemeleng youth has organised a meeting to address the challenges faced by the community and at the end of the meeting the memorandum was written to the director of infrastructure development but haven’t reported back. It has been quiet and the situation is still the same.

We urge the municipality to set up another way to deliver good quality services and to involve the community about the project before writing another letter to address the follow up of burning issues or any further action can be taken. The community demands proper service before end of June 2014.