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Kutloanong Celebrating 20 years of Freedom with Style By Rakoata M.L

A big event was held in Kutloanong location on Saturday the 26th of April at “Love Life Youth Center” in k9 to celebrated Freedom’s Day with all the youth of the Community.

A stunning performance was delivered by local Dj’s and Artists who set the stage on fire and community members came in  masses to celebrate freedom’s Day in style and learn more about the reasons why is it celebrated in South Africa.

Organizations like “Gold and Uranium Belt Impact Censoring Organisation” (GUBICO), and “Crime Rehabilitation Ex Offenders” (CREO) where invited by Love Life to share the work they are doing in the community including two official members of from the South African Police Service” (SAPS) Warrant Officer Mr. Kgopane and Mr. Zolile whom they explained about the work they are doing in the community and their day to day challenges their facing while their on duty.

A Facilitation class was held as a second session after the performances that was held outside and all people who where part  of the facilitation class where grouped into five groups to discuss the problems they are facing in Kutloanong location and discuss ways they can be reduced or removed.  When groups presented their task they talked more about Unemployment, Crime, Lack of Facilities like Parks, Swimming pools, Fields, Tennis courts, Rape, house break, Lack of access to internet and funds on NGO’s.

These problems where addressed with a maximum participation and even explained the solutions to those problems including Community Patrols at night to work in hand with the Police to reduce crime, rape and house breaks that are currently happening in the community.  For unemployment the suggested that the community should group themselves and register companies so that they can be funded by the Government and Cooperates like Mines following the CSR constitution, and how Kutloanong community needs a big place with a huge number of computers where they can access internet because two computers in a Local Library are not enough and they can not accommodate residents as a whole.

The Facilitator Mr. Mathafeni said all the discussions that took place in the facilitation class where to be sent to the Government as a demand from the Kutloanong community and more classes like this where to be held during this year.  He was proud to partner or work with the organizations like GUBICO and CREO.


By Rakoata M.L