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Let the show begin By Mzwandile Cobo

 As they used to say or rather claim that they rule until Jesus comes.  I wonder why would they use Jesus name to hide or polish their evil deeds, such as having blood on their hands, skulls of the skeletons they hid in their closets and souls they took in Marikana.

Before elections there was this “pamiching” moment from their platforms and channels were closed so that their young, speedy growing threat could not have any chance to grow further.  After elections curtains were opened, the stage was set, lights were in proper conditions.  As the young, speedy growing threat emerged in Parliament, economic Freedom Fighters to be clear, unexpected performance was viewed as they showed up in work-wear  overalls and aprons, decent food was rejected by all Parliament served by caters.

They went out to the streets and bought their own food from the food street sellers.  I have found this act as a super act, reason being that people put there are suffering why Parliament members act decent and expensive food.  It is better for them to use that money used to help orphans and buy themselves food since they are all earning salaries.

This is making a lot of sense, serious Parliament has no royalty unless otherwise.  Weelect then to lead us and take us and take us out of the struggle not their tickets to access everything and enrich themselves.

Let the show began and I wonder how long will it last.

Aluta continua!!!!

By Mzwandile Cobo