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Man Abuse in Kwa Thema by Qedusizi Masina

Kwa-Thema is a small township which is in the far East Rand of Johannesburg in Ekurhuleni, which has a population of 52 000 and a high rate of unemployment. There are men who face hideous and cruel abuse, which makes them victims and they have to live with this for the rest of years in their relationship. So here’s a story about a men who is going through abuse in his relationship and you may never believe it but it is true.

Most of men never talk about it, because they think they are in love and scared of  what people are going to say, a man being abused by woman and of which it happens. Someone i know who liked to remain anonymous is in the same situation. The abuse started when the girlfriend became pregnant, she took that to her advantage that you can never hit a pregnant woman no matter how angry you are. She started clapping him every time and blaming it on the mood swings and in which a man will understand because she is pregnant, but guess what, it got worse day by day and it continued even when the baby was born. She stayed only 3 weeks with the baby after birth. She started going out with friends and leave the baby with the men to look after and when she comes back, she would be drunk and start shouting at the man and hitting him for no reason, when the man would try to defend himself, she would threaten him with the police and later on she would apologise but she would do it over and over again with the on carrying abuse the man faced day by day. He then decided to go to the police for help but all he heard after reporting to the police was people and the police laughing as hard as they could calling him names like “siyoyoyo” meaning idiot, quickly running out of the police station crying, who can ever thought a man could cry but let me tell you, they do and it hurts really bad when a man cries.

I never thought that there man who are being abused, but they are, but let us not turn a blind eye on this situation, he may be stupid, caring and understanding but let us not take advantage of the leader God as put before us woman, it’s also time to stand up and fight against man abuse, to all the leader “man” my God give you the strength to leader without fear.