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Marikana Massacre and Bring Back Our Girls By Mzwandile Cobo

From me to young black and gifted individuals out there I find it hard to understand, digest and excrete every matter that needs to be understood, digested and excreted.

It is almost years now the incident in Marikana took place, but there was no buzz from the Women’s league of the so called ruling party.  Only if they knew the difference between “Ruling and Governing” things would have been much better, the point I am raising is, as South African’s we should have been behind Marikana massacre Banner rather than jumping to the issues of other house-holds, Nigerians I am reffering to.  Bring Back Our Girls is a new born baby as compared to Marikana’s issue, but our Government is busy shifting blame and turning a blind eye to our issues but praising light to the Nigerians Bring Back Our Girls Campaign.

I do not mean to sound rude or harsh, but let’s face the truth of the matter, miners were killed for nothing and our government did nothing.

The strike continued and it’s been four months now, with no food and salaries.  Now that we have different departments, the Department of Social development to be specific, why is not doing something to the Widows and Orphans caused by greedy officials who wanted to protect someone’s interests, but buy shouting and screaming “Bring Back Our Girls”.

It’s high time we deal with our issues before or even trying to deal with other countries’ issues.

May their souls rest in peace.

By Mzwandile Cobo