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New Houses, But for Who? By Mandla Jwili

The Ekurhuleni Municipality of Brakpan has built (RDP) Reconstruction and Development Plan house in Tsakane Extension 19 but abandoned them to be vandalised as residents wait in shacks for their new homes. After being on the waiting list since 1996, the community was convinced that the new buildings will be their new homes. Most of the people who are on the waiting list decided to build shacks in their backyards in order to provide shelter for their own families.

Rumor has it that some of the Councillors that are issuing out keys and title deeds for home owners are selling the houses at R1500.00 a house while the beneficiaries are left stranded and homeless. Some of the houses that are not occupied by rightful or “illegitimate” owners are left to be vandalised and used as hide outs for thugs and are mostly used as raping haven as well as waiting spot for suspicious victims who pass by that route, especially at night.

As the community of Ekurhuleni, we urge the Department of Human Settlement to take drastic measures on the corruption that is happening in this regard, instil discipline and to hand over the corrupt to be persecuted.