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Potholes and Illegal Rubbish Dumping by Thabo Ncube

Potholes are a big problem in our community, the motorists usually takes their cars to services after six to eight months but because of the potholes surrounding our community they have to service their cars daily. Illegal dumping is also a big challenge we are facing daily as community of extension 7 which is harmful to our health more especially next to the people’s houses.  They dump dead dogs, cats and other toxic items in the surrounding our community. Our people in our community always like to take short cuts always because if no service delivery is done or if the municipality doesn’t take the rubbish bins they just litter everywhere there is an open space without thinking about the health of others.

Our community is so ignorant when you try to raise your voice, they ignore you, and forget they are the ones  who dump rubbish we need to clean as a community, and plant whether grass or vegetables, anything that is not harmful to our lives here at especially at ext. 7 Kwa Guqa Emalahleni. In my house here is a big pot hole. This giant pot hole is been there for years; I think the giant pot hole is 10 years old at ext. 7 Biyela Street.

We are trying to fill the soil to the holes around us, but to avail when the rain come it washed all the soil away the pot holes don’t affect us only also the motorist they are affected by pot holes they have to repair or services their cars monthly. We pay for municipal services but we end up paying for nothing because the services are not implemented in our communities.