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Renewable Resource of Energy by Rudolph Sambo

Since the beginning we were always concerned about time and now that has been replaced by money or should I say these two work hand in hand. We claim to know the unknown; we lack certain abilities and skills to identify the solutions and lack of non-renewable resources of energy. Solar energy is capable of powering cities  but ideas like that are rejected instead of piecing perfected like the invention of the electric car or the fuel cell car which uses water to run up. The fuel cell car which uses water to run up, the fuel cell splits shock, you can receive hydrogen as an explosive gas that can power up a normal fair stroke engine of water nor diesel or petrol saving you money and time when it comes to filling up. Things can be simple as dragging a hose pipe from your front yard to water your plants.

Coming to fossil fuels, this is  costing people’s lives because of the generating billions and trillions of dollars while where it is  found the people are still suffering and dying.