Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Rustenburg – BUA Monitors School

 Facilitators Evaluation Report of Meeting – Session 1 26th April 2014


Area: Rustenburg

Venue: BUA/BLBA office

Date of Meeting: 26April 20014

  1. Attendance
Total No. of Participants Number Attending


19 10


  1. Please explain if the numbers drop less than 50% of the total

The two new areas did not delegate participants and they were informed on time and remaindered of the meeting, however there was no apology from Wonderkop, only Sanele Gumbi sent an apology as she was travelling from Mafikeng to Rustenburg but unfortunately did not make it on time but did not explain why other delegate did not attend.

–       Mafenya participants also did not attended and the chairperson send an apology for his absence but the other two participants did not explain why they did not attend.

–       One participant from Ikemeleng had to attend a family weeding.

–       In Marikana only two participants attended because Takatso was not around Rustenburg due to family commitments.

  1. Objectives of the Meeting


  1. Agenda of Meeting
Item Describe the Activity
  1. Introduction and welcoming.
–       Welcoming participants

–       Introductions(individuals introduced themselves by sharing what art form they love, singing their favorite song)

–       Explain/layout of day’s programme

–       Set workshop rules


  1. Programme expectations

And agreement on dates.

–       Participants were given cards to write down what they expect from the monitoring school programme this year.

–       We agreed on the next session being on the 17th of May. And will agree on dates on each session.


  1. Writing skills
–       Introduced free writing tool with Mpho and other advanced monitors.

–       And had a 5minutes.

–       Participants committed to writing on their diaries daily.


  1. Review last year’s action plans
–       Advanced monitorsexplained last year’s action plans per area.

–       What worked?

–       What was achieved?

–       Way forward


  1. Newsletter
–       Introduced the newsletter concept



  1. Tasks
–       Agreed to tasks.



  1. Time

Time Meeting Started: 10:10

Time Meeting Ended: 14:40

  1. If there was a very late start, please explain:

– The session was set for 09:00am till 14:00, with no lunch in between.

– Meaning it will be lunch and departure.

– We started late because we had no material as Eric Mokua was stuck in traffic and arrived late.

– we then started with part of the programme that needed no materials and made changes to the programme.

  1. Tasks
    1. What tasks was the group set in this meeting

–       Write a review or progress article on issues that have been written about on the past years.

–       Meet with organization members and list down issues that take priority in the community, the monitors should work/focus on this year.

–       Meet with organization members and discuss way forward of last year’s actions.

–       Come with a suggestion name for the newsletter.

–       Daily diary writing.

  1.  Completion of Tasks
How many participants completed their tasks set in the previous meeting  
How many participants did not do their tasks  


  1. Comments on the Activities
    1. What did you find most interesting in all the discussions in this school session?

–       I very impressed with participants programme expectations when they explain what they wrote in the cards, as they were interacting with each other.

–       And new participants were able to explain what is monitoring school even    though they were not clear but they had solid ideas. (find attached notes of their views onwhat is monitoring school)

–       And in the introduction session new participant named Refilwe, who calls himself Figo drew himself to explain or shoe case what art form he loves and who he is. (findpicture of the drawing)

–       I loved the fact that they want action orientated programme.

  1. What  do you feel was useful  for the participant and their organizations in this session

–       The feedback tool. They will use when drafting the way forward on last year’s plans.

–       They also found the free writing useful and new participants enjoyed the exercise that they did not stop after the time set lapsed.


  1. What problems did you experience in this session either with participation or with the programme or both?

–       Due to late arrival of the materials the programme had to change and became unmanageable, and took more time.

–       New participants were shy and not active.

–       There were no pens on materials send, and participants did not have pens.

  1. Any other comments(E.g. Observations, Interesting discussions, Actions and report)

–       They enjoy interacting with each other.

They know each other well. And that enables me to run the session with no hustle. Because am facilitating a session with bunch of friends.