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Sewage spill flooding house and streets of Marikana by Surprise Ntlathi(Marikana)

The sewage in Marikana is a very serious problem. It affects our health and our community is not satisfied with maintenance service. The sewage spill flows in our yards and all over the streets of the community.

On 12 may 2014 i spoke to Mr Mchavana around 13:00 pm about this matter and  he said  “we have been this problem for a while now, we tried to fix it but keeps on leaking and flooding our yards, we hardly go outside, and children play around this spill. It’s a huge health hazard as they develop allergies and develop long time diseases”.  in order  for this sewage problem to be solved we don’t have to wait a long time. When we report this issue to the local municipality we always been told they are busy in town or they will sent help, but no help arrives.


Is a disgrace and disgusting to be living in this conditions were as we pay for services. We do not enjoy breathing in fresh air rather we inhale carbon dioxide.

Mr Mphahlele comment ted that they can’t even smell or enjoy their food peacefully, he said this on 13 may at 16h00.

By far the best solution for this health hazard problem is to only solution for this to end is to stop installing this sewage because it’s a total failure.