Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Issues faced by Luka community by Omphile Rakhudu(Luka)

Water shortages and load shedding.

(Backrooms rented out as a source of income)

The reason why Bafokeng has a problem with us having tenants (bahiri) in our yards it’s because they count how many people are there in each and every household in the community and they supply water according to the overall number of the community, that’s why we face water shortages and we are currently experiencing load shedding now that its winter it is getting worse because most households have tenants. “Some of us depend on the tenants money, we won’t be able to survive without tents and some Luka residents are supporting this issue of that there should not be tents in our yards” said a concerned member of the community.


Crime rate in our community

A concerned member of the community suggested that there should be Satellite Police Station around Luka because some people cannot afford transport money now and then when going to Phokeng Police Station or Reaction Force also known as Mapogo.  This will also reduce crime rate in our community, any physical abuse or rape because one will be able to report it immediately and not wait for the following day to report to the incident

Incomplete infrastructure projects.

Street lights are not working and there are a lot of potholes in our roads.  Lack of maintenance and follow ups are not done on infrastructure.  We have tried reporting streets lights that are nearby our homes and they do not respond.  “Our roads have so many potholes it’s so bad that we dodge these potholes, which is very risky for us drivers and dangerous for pedestrians” said concerned resident.


Teenage pregnancy and school leavers

There are so many young teenagers getting pregnant.  You would find a 16 year old girl dating an older guy and after she falls pregnant the man denies that he impregnated the girl.  When the young girl was in love disrespecting her parents and not listening to them about how boys will ruin your future.  This is so sad seeing a little girl pregnant and dropping out of school to become a mother.  By then she is not matured and have missed out on other stages of being a teenager.  Some pretended they have “I don’t care attitude” and become mean to their elders.  Then you find a 17 year old girl, with grade 9, having a 1 year old baby, asking a 23 year old lady when you are making a baby, you’re getting old? And you feel pity for the poor little girl who does not know how hard life is even when you have Grade 12, Degree or Diploma, finding a job is hard these days.  You just answer I’m not yet ready for motherhood, when I am financial stable and done with my studies is then ill consider having one.  It’s so sad that there are still young teens who still drop out of school just for the sake of dropping out, where by when you fall pregnant you can still attend school and go on a 3 months maternity leave, if you are getting lower marks there are extra classes provided, they don’t pay school fees, get free meals at school they just don’t see all those privileges that they have, they can still study further after completing their matric with bursaries.  This also leads to unemployment.