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The Struggles in My Area, Sasolburg, by Makgauta Malakoane (Sisters for life )

Most people in Sasolburg suffer from tuberculosis, sinuses and other respiratory illnesses because of the poor air quality occurred when Sasol firm and the mine was formed.  So people like me coming from different places and had decided to locate here in Sasolburg are now suffering from different diseases such as eye sight problems, TB, Sinuses etc…

When I first got here in 2012 I had Sinuses from back where I came from so my problem extended to a huge problem which now when I have to use a perfume my nose will start to bloc of which what I am trying to say is that many people suffer from diseases which were caused by air pollution, and one is expected to get sick to an extend of going to consult the nearest specialist doctor or clinic.  While others suffer from eye sight, and when going to see the doctor or at clinic they just give paracetemol which is not enough for the cure.