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Unemployment challenges in Segwaelane by Happy Chauke (Segwaelane)

The Segwaelane village is one of many villages that have mines close to it. But the unemployment rate of the village continues to rise at fast shocking rate as if we are only surrounded by farms. Lonmin is one of the biggest mining companies that are in our area but it doesn’t help much to reduce the unemployment rate of youth in our village. The only employ people from our communities when the youth start to protest. Those communities namely are Bapong, Segwaelane, Wonderkop, Majakaneng and Modderspruit. All this villages are ruled by kgosi Bop Edward Mogale. It’s very sad that Lonmin make promises that they don’t   keep to the unemployed youth. So far the results of the high rate of unemployment are teen pregnancies, high rate of crime and substance abuse. It’s very touching that the future of our communities is going down the drain under the eyes of our leaders. Madibeng is doing nothing about this so as the ruling party at large. Is not a secret that the unemployment crises of Bapo ba Mogale community has been a major problem that has even forced the media to take part in showing the whole country how our people are suffering. Now the is a new Impala shaft being opened at the other side of our village  there are claims that the Bakwena will benefit more than the people whose their houses are being DAMAGED by the blasting of the mine. Youth is unemployed our houses being damaged and there is nothing we getting out of this. Help the young people by giving them the jobs