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Water Problems by Lorraine Kakaza

I’m from Kriel but recently am at Carolina. I used to watch TV whereby I hear they were crying about water, so what I have noticed is that there are people who don’t understand that water is very important in our daily basis life also in our environment.

Carolina is at Mpumalanga under Albert Luthuli Municipality. This Town is situated on the Johannesburg to Swaziland route in Mpumalanga Province, is mixed on farming and small scale of coal and precious stone mining community and  it is established by Cornelius Coetzee.

It was established in 1883, Area total is 14 661 cm2 5665q mi, total population is 16846 and density 1 100km2. At Carolina there were crises but thanks to DR Gina for helping this Gilobela community with the Borehole water in different schools to help even our environment.

Carolina Dam has been contaminated from the underground by the mine, water licence, environment assessment reports, mining licence from the Department of Mineral and Energy,  steps were never followed accordingly, public participation for interested and affected parties were not consulted. Overflowing of Acid mine Drainage from the mines to the water streams to Sibela dam was caused during heavy rains when all the dirt flowed through to the dam.