Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Welcome To Hell by Thabang Makua

-Where the Government officials have thrown people to a place filled with Toxic Gas Diseases and Virus as well as Dirty water to that extend that is not fit for human health. To a Town called the Emalahleni where we walk next to Man-Made volcanoes (Izibhobhozo) surrounding the whole Town of Emalahleni.

In a place identified as a High Priority Area Still waiting for 7000 new applications of mines and KI Power on a Lounge to be open burning the Third Grade of Coal which is the Worst of releasing these Gases.

We find people filled of Diseases such TB, Silicosis which is caused by PM10 and many more for they daily jump sewerages next to their doors and street that they walk in and expose to Acid Mine Sewerage which have met with Rivers and Dams and Located to Wetlands and next to illegal dumping sites and to the very same people which are located next to Mines which are not even 5 meters away from the community eg. Vosman where the Government have failed the Town of Emalahleni Dizmal to the extent that all Environmental Act have been violated by all government Departments appointed to deal with such problems.

Now given Genetically Modified Crops without the knowledge and teachings of what these Jimos do to the body and the soil which has been washed away by this Acid Rain that the Government failed to implement a solution of this Acid Rain.