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Welcome to Segwaelane, drive carefully POTHOLES ahead by Keitumetse Mdluli (Segwaelane)

Pothole crisis

A pothole is a type of disruption in the surface of a roadway where a portion of the road material has broken out.

Our leaders in our community are aware of the dangerous road conditions across our area but they do nothing about it. Potholes are causing serious damage to people’s vehicles. Many drivers have had on accident in our community because of potholes roads. There is no sign showing or written notice of defection, unsafe, dangerous of road or obstructed condition was actually given to the commissioner of transportation. People in our community are not safe because they are using road that have many potholes and consequence of using such road is injury to people or death sustained. Potholes in our community pose a threat to the safety of everyone who travels on the road. Many times accident is happening in our community because people are trying to dodge the potholes. Last year one of our taxi driver had an accident and got injured while he was dodging the potholes and one of the children living in our community did hit by a bus n got injured so our lives and our children’s lives are in danger. &the taxi driver says he didn’t remember that the was a potholes in the roads coz the is no sign n it’s too dark at night