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Wonderkop police force seem to be in partnership with criminals by Gift Kgomo (Wonderkop)

Police workers not working with the community

Police workers of Wonderkop are not working with the community as according to the law they are not doing the job that they are supposed to do. The community even think’s that the police are making deals with the thieves. Jimmy from the Wonderkop community says he bought Sony sound system and plasma TV around the 15th of December 2013 and around February 2014 thieves stole both items, and he called the police the following day and the police came after a week and looked around the house and asked him few questions and took finger prints and since  that day the police never gave him feedback of how they are doing with the case and they ignored his calls and when he visit the police station they gave him excesses even today. Another member of the community says she gave up hope on the police when she saw one of the thieves who have stolen at her house walking freely in the streets after the day the cops arrested him. The Wonderkop community says they will now take the matter to their own hands and after doing that no one will be arrested for breaking the law because the police are already breaking the law and it will best for the community. They say they will even chase the police away next time because they don’t do their job. Community says they will keep on doing things their way until the police do the rite job locking in the criminals and work together as one until we end crime in Wonderkop.