Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Needs in the community and the country as a whole by Nkaki Refilwe

Communities battle against poverty, especially in child-headed households.  There has been a breakdown in family support system and more orphaned children due to deaths through HIV and AIDS, and any other related illnesses.  Domestic violence and parents moving to cities to look for work and leaving children with elderly grandparents.  Inadequate health care facilities have been the cause of a great number of deaths amongst babies and children.

Many do not receive recommended inoculations, hospitals are understaffed and often do not have sufficient medicine stocks resulting in the unnecessary deaths of patients. A lack of proper housing along with poor or no supplies of electricity, clean water and a good sanitation results in communities living in unhealthy conditions.  Many people turn to crime as a means of providing basic necessities.

Many children still do not have access to quality education because there is a shortage of suitable school buildings and qualified teachers.  Many children run away and live on the streets in towns and cities where they support themselves by begging and sometimes stealing.  Many adults have not had access to education and find difficult to get jobs.  With no income they cannot provide for the economic needs of their families.

In order to solve the community and the country’s economic needs these issues needs to be addressed, because some ideas for doing this include providing more training programmes to increase skills of the youth, vocational-based training to provide more technical skills and the creation of more jobs and opportunities for all people