Tunatazama - Community Monitors

RDO’s are needed in harmony mine by Moeketsi Rakoata.

Thursday the 22nd of May 20014 when Tshepong Harmony Mine opened a pool of various vacancies including RDO’s (Rock Drill Operators) for both experienced and inexperienced candidates who are willing to work underground.

Community members from Kutloanong and the surrounding towns came in masses to deliver their CV’s personally at the Municipal Offices in Odendaalsrus, Mr. Tshepo a 33 year old resident from Kutloanong Location complained a lot when the Security Guard asked them to drop their CV’s in the Boxes as the picture above shows.  He then further explained to the Security Guard how expensive the CV really is to compile these days, never to mind the point that he was unemployed living with 3 children and his Wife.

Mr. Tshepo was not the only one complaining about the Monopoly Recruiting Strategy Tshepong Mine was using to employ them, because they say it caused them R30.00 to type Curriculum Vitae at the local internet cafes, plus R20.00 for transportation they used to deliver them, and all in all is R50.00 in counting.  South Africans let’s be honest, it is not a sure case that our poor desperate community members who submitted their curriculum vitae will be employed, in fact Harmony Mine will employ 2% from Kutloanong, and to be true Mr. Tshepo and other members who submitted their CV’s could have bought a 2kg of chicken, potatoes or cabbage with that money to feed their starving families, but with hope they left their Curriculum Vitae in those Boxes.  Some even found it inappropriate to hand or deliver their curriculum vitae to Tshepong Harmony Mine, because this incident happened before in 2011 to be correct, when communities were striking for employment saying the mines should start benefiting and employ member of closed and affected communities before they employ people from different Provinces including Eastern Cape, North West, Limpopo, Lesotho and Zimbabwe.

The recruiting team not only from Private Sectors, even in the Government Sectors they always have the list of people from their families, close friends or those who bribes them to get the jobs said Mr. Tshepo.

I believe people like us who seek employment are those who are poor with nothing in their pockets.  One would wonder if they demand R5 000 for bribery where do they expect us to get it from, Loan sharks perhaps?

In “Fana-kaloko” I say Phantsi ngo Tjotjo.  Fana-kaloko is a language used by mine workers meaning down with bribery, and we the concerned members of the community we demand that we should be employed fairly so.