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#CUT 12 by Mzwadile Cobo

From many protests in our country to protest within our University of the Central University of Technology. Ever since I was a student there it was not the first time such protest took place. It’s either protest for the free increment or the system that fails to protect Black Students.

Apparently 12 students were expelled due to the fact that they were protesting, fight for the birth right of other Black students which is the right to education. In 2009 students were expelled, 2012 students leaders were expelled again and this year 12 students were expelled also.

Student populace in the student community felt that it’s high time and this explosion of students every year should come to an end. They felt that it is unfair for these students to be expelled in the middle of the year, what protest happened in January, and the worst part it’s in the middle of the examination period.

Why did these student protest, why protesting each and every year, why do the management get attacked every year?
These are the questions that the management should ask themselves before they can even start by destroying Black students future.

Each year during open day at the Central University of Technology the famous statement that the Vice Chancellor usually use is “CUT is a home away from home”. Now my question is why those are chased away from home.
“Bring Back Our Student Leadership”