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Polluted air around Reedville by Lebogang Makua

Reedville is a small township situated near Springs around it there are two large firms or factories producing different kinds of products. The names of the factories are Ergo and Western Platinum. Ergo produces gold and Western Platinum produces unprinted coin for the SARB.
The Reedville community is largely affected by a large amount of gases emitted by these two factories. The emissions are causing a negative impact on the environment around Reedville at night between 00h00 and 03h00 there is a very bad odor coming from the drains. The vegetation tends to lose its original colour and some do not even grow at all. The community is aware of the problem but somehow helpless. People do not know who to turn to for help.
A few years back Western Platinum identified the problem in the area and offered some collaboration with the community in dealing with the problem. Inspectors were sent to individual households to run some tests. People were not directly told as to what they are faced with or affected with. After inspections the Western Platinum sponsored some households with crates of milk every month.But to everyone’s surprise this only happened for three months. As to this day people are still wondering why they were offered milk by the firm. Some are suspecting that the company is aware of the plight that the gases impose in the community. Some say the gases are the cause of TB in the area and some residents are experiencing itchiness ever since they moved in the area.
The unfortunate part about the situation is that people are here to stay and so is the firm. Community leaders are negotiating with the firm to re-run the program of supplying milk to to the most affected families.
All now people hope for is the two firms to reduce their emissions and continue the program of supplying milk until God knows a possible solution is reached.