Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Residential Injustice by Kaizer “Shimmy” Letsatsi

Infrastructure development at Kwa Masiza Hostels.The Kwa Masiza Hostels is an area located between the middle of Sebokeng Hostels, zone 17 and zone 20 Sebokeng, this is an area where land is contaminated and storm water channels turned to sewer drainage, a place where former Iscor employees used to reside till date with an old land fill nearby. In the past few years this place has changed management frequently leading to housing disputes of former employees been shifted to zone 20 Phase two [the eastern side of the location]. This has led to some of these housing units built to support the privatization of that land which has been for so many years destroyed by Iscor.
There are people and livestock living in the area and it has been often mentioned that new-borns of both humans and animals are born without legs at times. Adding to the waste of the industry is the waste from residents within the nearby places like Sebokeng Hostels and zone 17 even in the Kwa Masiza Hostels with sewer management problems which has resulted into a wetland downstream feather east of Kwa Masiza.
It is up to the government, community members, concerned parties and the industry responsible for the damage of the land to meet and resolve on the concerning issues. This should not be a hear-say situation but every department that is concerned and affected should avail its efforts. The place should it be developed afterwards it should not exclude former employees of Iscor and the surrounding residents.