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Uranium one ex workers still live in shock by David Gaanakgomo

Tigane Township is an area with a rich history of mining since the 1960’s, and companies which operated in the area include Anglo Gold, AfrikannerSkiet mine, Uranium One and currently Shiva Uranium. When the Uranium One, a Canadian company left in 2009, the new company which took over ownership was Shiva uranium. The uranium one left the Tigane residents shocked because it has left hurting memories to most of its workers. According to Ishmael Mokgatla, who is in his late forty’s “. “that company was cruel, one day i was forced to operate a drum truck with its camera offline, at the time of knocking off, i was alerted by people screaming, i could not hear because of noise from the truck. When i stopped i realized that i have smashed a man in cold blood while doing reverse on the truck”. After reporting the accident Ishmael got suspended and subjected to hearing, he was never taken for any counselling.
” Ishmael could not sleep at night; he nearly became an alcoholic to help him sleep. As a father i arranged for him to attend counselling at my expense because the mine had stopped paying him”. Said Morena Makhotla, Ishmael’s father. Ishmael won the case with his employer and reinstated; however as a surface driver. It took the Uranium mine only three months to dismiss Ishmael and to date he still have memories of how the mines ill treated him and many others.