Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Working Class Coordinating Committee by Minkie Mofokeng

My name is Minkie “Minah” Mofokeng; I stay at Sebokeng zone 17 near Kwa Masiza Hostels and a mother of a one year old boy. Sebokeng is divided into different zones which are many and some of them have been recently added, like zone 20, 19 and 21.
Zone 20 is based on an old land fill site where Sebokeng Hospital used to dump medicinal waste, super markets and butcheries dump expired food there and because of poverty stricken impacts people in the community would go there and take all the food to feed their families. Due to such dynamics people started building shacks around the land fill and after some time the place eventually was an informal settlement. Then the place developed into RDP housing and some parts of the land fill was built houses, but that did not stop some of the butcheries and super markets from dumping and people still go there to seek wasted food and feed off their families. The matter was later reported to the authorities by trying to resolve the matter because the issue was beginning to deteriorate with the children.
The people who are used to dumping at the site should call it to an end because the place had now turned into a residential unit which is known as zone 20.