Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Rustenburg Clinic Study

Bua Mining Communities and Community Monitors supported by  Bench Marks are doing a detailed study on the health problems of communities in the platinum mining villages of Rustenburg and around.

On the 21st of August 2014 , the community of Luka marched on the local clinic. They were fed up. Led by the Concerned Community of Luka, they demanded 2 ambulances, 2 new nurses , faster queues and that the clinic be open 24 hours.

By October 1st the Department of Health failed to respond to the peoples request or even convene a meeting to talk with them. Frustrated, the community marched on the clinic a second time but this time they shut down the clinic and took the keys. The Police rushed to the seen and there was a confrontation with the people. This matter remains unresolved.

The  BUA/Bench Marks study to be  released in November is showing that the problems of the Luka community is not unique. Similar problems are experienced in all 12 clinics which the study covers.

The study will be  discussed in a Bua MC community workshop to be held in November. It is hoped that the information gathered will help BUA develop a strategy of on-going action for decent health services to the community.

A very key finding that will be discussed is the problem of over-crowding resulting from the large numbers of migrant mine workers.The question will be asked: Should the mines not be made to pay for the  health costs to the community  that result from overcrowded mines.