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Bench Mark’s achievements during the last four years

Understanding our achievements is not a simple matter. What is an achievement in a context of extremely high and what could be permanent unemployment, government officials who at most time appear inept and incapable if not corrupt and global corporations who powerful enough to set the terms of both our economic, social and environmental life.

In our work as the Bench Marks Foundation we found that achievement may lead to some change, a few houses here and there, a road, a clinic, clean up of sewage spills as a result of our persistent exposures in the public media. However our more important achievements are not so easily understood.

We see our achievement as our contribution to a new struggle against the truth of powerful elites, in the exploration of alternative vision, ideas and strategies as well as in building the confidence and skill of oppressed and exploited communities to speak out and to refuse to accept anything for them without them.

Our achievement is that we have found concrete ways of keeping the hope alive and rebuilding a new struggle for radical transformation in the context of global destruction by private corporations. We are essentially a thorn in the mining companies side, quote Business Report August 21st 2014. Nevertheless we will articulate how we see our impact.

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