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MNS, Mpumalanga : Living in coal dust

Air pollution is one of the main problems that affects the community of MNS informal settlement in Emalahleni, Mpumalanga, South Africa. There are many trucks moving to and from the dusty gravel road in the community of MNS, which is right next to the residents houses.

Coal dust particles caused by blasting in the nearby open cast mine and that of the moving trucks on the road are a big problem. This dust causes chronic diseases amongst some community members living in this area. The residents are not aware of the impact the mines in their health and the environment or the land they are occupying.

In this area there is no water or sanitation, no electricity and even a proper infrastructure such as roads and housing. The impact of the mineson the health of the people includes, kidney failure, lung diseases, TB, Sinuses etc. Some patients take medication but they are not getting better because they return face the same situation again.

A mine officer of Liquid Mist (MLT) mine was confronted and we were told to come back again because we didn’t make an appointment. They also said that we had no identification cards and that the manager wasn’t around.

Many problems were identified in that mine and more investigations are still to be done.

By: Rudolph Sambo