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A Public Hearing to Silence Us and Promote Politicians and Mining Companies

Mine Shaft HearingOn Monday 13 June 2016, one of our Ground Investigative Monitor who is a Tower of Gubico in Allenridge Motsoku Blom came across public notice about a public consultation for some of the old shafts to be open in Allenridge. The name of this mine is Listed as Tauning Gold Mine which is not yet known in the circle.

Limitations of the said consultation
1. Meeting was given three days notice before the meeting
2. Consultation happened at 15h00 on Monday when people are at work, clearly the target was the unemployed and school kids?
3. The meeting was used as a political parade ahead of the election, promising people Jobs
4. The politicians were answering on behalf of the company, clearly suggesting that the mine is in collusion with the party
5. DMR said other consultation had already been done which means this was a follow up, which sounded really dodgy

We are yet to meet and evaluate this and understand the implication of their responses. we are aware about their desire to try and draw us into their mix or even to silence is but they have another thing coming as we will be planning for them.

This short report is brought to you by Gubico On the Ground Investigative Monitor Motsoku Blom on behalf of the Team

This alert released and  prepared in collaboration with Santos Phukuntsi (Gubico Senior Coordinator and BMF Monitoring School Facilitator)